Our Goal

The Edge Data Center committee is comprised of industry experts in Data Center operations, connectivity, design and reliability. The OIX-3 accreditation is a testament to the desire to maintain technical and operational standards that further promote and enhance the future of the Internet and its infrastructure.

Committee Members

All OIX Committees are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Global Internet community who are coming together to create a better, safer, stronger, fairer Internet. The expected weekly time commitment for task completion is 1-2 hours per week. It is asked that volunteers for this committee commit to a one-year term.


Venky Swaminathan


Matt Trifiro


Frank Basso


Lily Yusupova


Alex Himmelberg

Additional Documentation

What is an Edge Data Center?

The Edge Data Center is defined.

OIX-3 Certification

The OIX-3 Certification is defined.

OIX-3 Checklist

Preview the application questions in a spreadsheet format.