Our Mission

Create A Resilient & Efficient Global Internet Infrastructure.

We are a nonprofit member-based organization, encouraging the proliferation of interconnection through education and the development, implementation and certification of transparent technical and operating standards, in order to create more resilient and efficient global internet infrastructure.

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Accredited Standards Developer

We are proud to be certified by ANSI as an Accredited Standards Developer.

Open IX Team

Board of Directors

Our esteemed Board of Directors come to us from all areas of the interconnection industry. Take a moment to get to know them as they are invaluable to defining the direction of the organization.

bio-eli-scher.png Chairman

Eli Scher

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raymo.png Treasurer

Brad Raymo

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bio-matt-griswold.png Vice Chair

Matt Griswold

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Chris Grundemann

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Phillip Koblence

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weisberg2.png Director

Mona Weisberg

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bio-shawna-bong.png Adminsitrative Director/Secretary

Shawna Bong

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Our Committees

The OIX Committees are 100% comprised of volunteers. These committees are our bridge to the community and the life force of the organization.

Internet Exchange Point Standards (IXP) Committee

Develops and maintains the OIX-1 technical and operational standards for IXPs.

Data Center Standards (DC) Committee

Develops and maintains the OIX-2 technical and operational standards for Data Centers.

Edge Data Center Standards Commitee

Develops and maintains the OIX-3 technical and operational standards for Edge Data Centers.

Marketing Commitee

Tasked with promoting OIX in the community and driving membership.

Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) Committee

Develops and maintains community-regulated BCOP documents.

Product Committee

Tasked with the creation and maintience of our OIX "tools" such as the Interconnection Navigator.



OIX is a 501(c)(6) non-profit industry association and Accredited Standards Developer (ASD) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Please see our relevant documentation here:

Strategic Plan

Ever year OIX reviews and revises the organization's Strategic Plan, see the most recent version here.


The agenda and audio recording of our Annual General Meeting is available here.

Action of Sole Incorporator

Documentation of sole incorporation by written consent.

Antitrust Compliance Policy

List of antitrust rules and regulations followed by the organization.


The OIX bylaws with the most recent amendments.

Finance Policy

The financial rules of OIX that are to be followed by the treasurer and members.

Historical Framework Reference

The problems that OIX sought to solve with it's formation.

IRS 501(C) Letter

Written recognition of OIX's 501(C)(6) status.

IRS 501(C) Filing

Official filing for OIX's tax exempt status.

NCRPA Filing

National Cooperative Research and Production Act documentation.

Trademark Filing

Official trademark declaration.

Trademark Registration

Official trademark acceptance and registration documentation.

Operating Procedures