Our Goal

The OIX-2 standards encompass physical, operational and open access requirements from the street directly into the data center environment, including cross connection policies, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), up-time guarantees and more. The goal of the standard is to capture the critical aspects necessary to support the installation of an OIX-1 compliant exchange, although it also signifies sufficient capability for other mission-critical applications and massive scale interconnection.

A second task of the Data Center Standards Committee is to evaluate Data Center requests for certification against the OIX-2 standards.

Committee Members

All OIX Committees are comprised of volunteer representatives from the Global Internet community who are coming together to create a better, safer, stronger, fairer Internet. The expected weekly time commitment for task completion is 1-2 hours per week. It is asked that volunteers for this committee commit to a one-year term.


Brian Achten


Jim Grady


Kevin Loch


Arthur Valhuerdi

Additional Documentation

Application Review

Outline of the application review process. (Excerpt from the Committee Charter)

Maintaining the Standard

Annual review of the standard. (Excerpt from the Committee Charter)

Tools and Resource Development

The DC Committee will participate in creating valuable resources for the community. (Excerpt from the Committee Charter)

DC Committee Charter

The complete Committee Charter.